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Sujata Sabnis is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. She has written four novels to date - her latest being a murder mystery “Blood on the sands”. Her earlier novels are thrillers ‘Silent whispers’, ‘A twist in destiny’ and a historical fiction ‘Songs of Stone’, a passionate love story set in Mughal Times.

She is the principal writer of “Sab Ka Sai”, a web series streaming on MX Player gold and wrote its story, screenplay and dialogues. She was also nominated in the prestigious Indian Television Academy Awards 2021-22 for Best Story for Sab Ka Sai.

She has written a screenplay titled ‘Kutch’ which has had the rare honour of being selected as the first Indian entry to the Berlinale Co- production market, part of the prestigious Berlin Film Festival.

She has worked as a journalist with The Indian Express, and as a columnist for Mid-day, Pune. She is also a co-founder of the Pune chapter of Prabha Khaitan Foundation, a national organisation that promotes Indian art, culture and literature.

Sujata Sabnis

The Mysterious Shadow of Mental Health - Dr. Samir Parikh Sujata Sabnis Dr. Harshali Singh In Conversation with Gita Rao

On 20th Nov 01.00 PM TO 01:40 PM

The Session was a discussion on mental health awareness by Dr. Samir Parikh, an eminent psychiatrist who gave insight into the need & significance that all of us need to look at & change our perspective. Dr. Samir Parikh urged the audience present that learning more about mental health allows us to provide helpful support to those affected in our families & communities. The session proved to be very educational & informative.


Entering into the Criminal Minds - Nirupama Subramanian Anirban Bhattacharya Ashwini Bhatnagar Sujata Sabnis In Conversation with Piorre Hart

On 20th Nov 02.00 PM TO 02:40 PM

This Session is related Being a criminal is a natural thought - Criminals train themselves very well. Ashvini Bhatnagar said - Themselves to be on Specialisation. They Scale-up - The vertical - Corporates the statement and Sales go up by 50% - • Hafta Vasuli } Carme stories in Newspaper talking about Serial Killer - (Criminal mind is an active mind) - Delhi-Bhatinda. They said "Maza Aata Hai Cyanide Mohan" - " Modus Operandi" The women's criminals are more dangerous. They have a sharper mind. Nirupama Subramanian - Aaftab Poonawala 35 precede Love wolf Criminal - Murder on Menu - Saravana Bhavan - The insecure mew does not like confident women. LIC Policies | Telephone | Pension | Diwali - Pongal Bonuses. Religious. Sujata Sabnis – Latin Each and everyone we are capable of being a criminal. Spending on our individual triggers Victim psychology. The Role that Society plays - in breeding criminals. Charming Rebel against social norms. Augere – Deprived Background. Babloo Srivastava, and Kareem Lala, Thank you for letting us Sneal pearl into the minds of criminals. I regret it but enjoy it.