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24th November 2023 Inauguration Ceremony, Chitnavis Center
Timing Programme Scheduled Video Link
4.30 PM Arrival of Delegates
5.00 PM Invocation Ceremony (Lighting of Lamp)
5.15 PM Welcome Performance By Sanskar Kathak Kendra - Mrs Priyanka Abhyankar and Group
5.30 PM to 5.40 PM Formal Welcome
5.45 PM to 5.55 PM Welcome and Introduction By – Dr. Rajan Welukar
6.00 pm to 6.15 PM Book Launch "Chanakya's 100 Best Sutras" by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai and Remarks
6.15 Pm to 6.20 Pm Guest Of Honor Shri Siddharth Kak - Remarks
6.25 Pm to 7.15 Pm Remarks and Opening Talk by Chief Guest - Devdutt Pattnaik on "Bahubali : 63 Insights into Jainism"
7.15 Pm to 7.20 Pm Presidential Address by Shri Sunil Raisoni Chairman Raisoni Group and Lit Fest
7.22 Pm to 7.27 Pm Vote of Thanks - Dr. Mrunalini Naik - Project Director - OCLF
7.30 Pm to 8.15 Pm Inaugural Interview - Siddharth Kak - The Saga of Kashmir's Last Pandit Prime Minister and His English Wife In conversation with Avanti Sopory
25th November 2023, Chitnavis Center
Timing Banyan Hall Tamarind Hall Mimosa Hall Laburnum Hall Lawn Arjuna TR 1 Ashoka TR 2 Rangayan
10.00AM To 10:40AM Anuja Chandramauli (Took session in emergency) Journey Through Ancient India: Discovering Love and Wisdom in Stories and Folktales with Purnima Ramakrishnan (7th to 10th Std) Write your own memoirs with Janhavi Samant (7th to 10th Std) A Workshop on "Music & Academics: Bolstering Students’ Learning, Achievement and Success" (age category 9-18 yrs) With Savio John's Open lawn Activity Writing Workshop - Dr. Puja Bang (5th to 9th Std)
11.00AM To 11:40AM Everyday Courage Innovative Thinking for Inclusive Education - Debashis Paul (8th to 12th Std) "The Legacy of Shivaji the Great: Maratha Empire's Military Prowess, Naval Dominance, and Unveiling the Maratha Resistance" - Col Anil Athale In Conversation with Shivakumar Rao Dance - The Divine form of Expression - Anuja Chandramouli, Priyanka Abhyankar, Dr. Honey Unnikrishnan Inconversation with Avanti Sopory Make up your own stories with Janhavi Samant (3rd to 6th Std) Unveiling the Art of Marathi Drama: A Workshop with Vaidehi Chawre Soitkar
12.00PM TO 12:40PM How to elevate your virtues? With Dr. Pawan Sinha (Session for Students, parents, Teachers and all) Khau Gappa with Vishnu Manohar In Conversation with Vrushali Deshpande Exploring the World through a Lens: The Art of Wildlife Photography With Varun Thakkar Army Wives: Unsung Heros of Indian Army - Nandita Warrier, Kulpreet Yadav In Conversation with Dipankar Mukherjee Open lawn Activity Chess Mastery Unveiled: Strategies and Wisdom from Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee and International Master Shri Anup Deshmukh
01.00PM TO 01:40PM Dr. Devdutt Patnaik on Devlok Live in Conversation with Mohammad Master Chandrayaan and India's Race to Capture SPACE - Ajey Lele In Conversation with Dr. Atya Kapley "Elevating Women Entrepreneurs' Narratives through Modern Storytelling Platforms ईमानदारी से."- podcast specialist , Author - Mohua Chinappa In Conversation with Geeta Rao Titanic and Other Major Disasters at Sea: Manmade or an Act of God - Beetashok Chatterjee In Conversation with Dipankar Mukherjee Close Interaction with Col Anil Athale on the 1962 War (Indo China) In conversation with Shivkumar Rao
02.00PM TO 02:40PM All About Crictet : Cricket - The Universal Religion in India with R Shridhar In conversation with Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar Making Storytelling and Filmmaking for Everyone: Going Beyond the Mainstream -Nandita Om Puri, Vikash Khurana, Kulpreet Yadav ,Anirban Bhattacharyya In Conversation with Smita Das Jain Women in Mythlogy: Role Models and Inspirations - Koral Dasgupta, Anuja Chandramouli, Purnima Ramakrishnan In Conversation with Barkha Mathur 1947-1957 India: The Birth of a Republic - Chandrachur Ghose In Conversation with Chirag Thakkar Reserved for Influencer
03.00PM To 03:40PM Lights, Camera, Impact: Geetika Tyagi's Inspiring Story In conversation with Vinta Nanda Changing Dynamics of Political Discourse in India - Arun Anand, Sanjay Jha, Nidhi Sharma In Conversation with Supantha Bhattacharya Balancing Spirituality Mental Well-being and Career Success: An Integrated Perspective - Dr. Pawan Sinha Kiran Khalap Dr. Rajan Welukar In conversation with CA Sandeep Agrawal "Secrets Unveiled: Intrigues of Espionage, Art Theft, Taxation, and the Hidden World Beyond" Tarun Mehrishi and Ajay Moankotia In Conversation with Shabbir Shakir Open lawn Activity
04.00PM To 04:40PM Unveiling the Incredible Journey Mita Vasisht In Conversation with Vikash Khurana Lessons from Chanakya: The World of Wisdom With Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai in Conversation with Ms. Chanda Sinhababu Building Eternal Brands - Kiran Khalap, Bharat Dabholkar, Tarun Mehrishi In Conversation with Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar Travelogues and Wanderlust: The Allure of Travel Writing in Today's World. Vilas Kale, Mohua Chinappa, Beetashok Chatterjee In Conversation with Prashant Gurjar "The Basics and Advance of ecommerce and freelancing + startup growth with Simran Dhameja "
05.00PM TO 05:40PM "भुलीबिसरि यादें : Doordarshan's Impact on Indian Culture and Society" Siddharth Kak, Nandita Om Puri, Bharat Dabholkar, Vinta Nanda In Conversation with Supantha Bhattacharya Women's Reservation in Indian Politics: Necessity or Controversy? Nidhi Sharma in Conversation with Dr. Puja Bang a How change happens in Indian finance - Susan Thomas In Conversation with Harshvardhan Raghunath Breaking Barriers: Women in the Entertainment Industry - Smriti Dewan In Conversation With Oraida Nawab Neo-Romanticism: Analyzing the resurgence of romantic and nostalgic elements in fashion, drawing inspiration from historical periods and infusing them with a contemporary twist. Raj debgupta ,Tanya Kapoor, The Sakshi Gupta, Ramsha Kharwa In Conversation with Simran Dhameja Reserved for Influencer
06.00PM TO 06:40PM Holistic Approach to Ageing Well: Integrating Fitness, Nutrition, and Mental Health - Nawaz Modi Singhania In Conversation with Anvita Sudarshan Journalism in the Digital Age: Ethics and Integrity in the Age of Social Media. Nidhi Sharma, Nandita Om Puri, Arun Anand In Conversation With Dipankar Mukherjee Feminist Literature: Empowering Women's Voices and Perspectives - Koral Dasgupta, Smita Das Jain, Nandita Warrier In Conversation with Monica Bhagwaghar
07.00PM TO 07:40PM Confluence - Cinema - Kal Aaj Aur Kal - A Showcase of Artists from Various Genres in Performance
26th November 2023, Chitnavis Center
Timing Banyan Hall Tamarind Hall Mimosa Hall Laburnum Hall Lawn Arjuna TR 1 Ashoka TR 2 Rangayan
9.30AM To 11:00 AM Sido Kanhu - Bharat's First War of Independence: Tuhin Sinha and Suraj Prasad in Conversation with Monica Bhagwaghar Baithak - Morning Saga by Team Alag Angle Art Competition
11.00 AM To 11:40 AM One life. Many Dreams With Anirban Bhattacharya (6th to 9th STD) 76 Years of Independent India: Rise of a global super power - Tuhin Sinha, Arun Anand, Kasturi Ray In Conversation with Dr. Sanjiv Chugh From Saving to Investing: Insights from 'The Financial Independence Marathon' - Vinod Bhat In Conversation with CA Premlata Daga Saboo The Golden Era of Bollywood Music: Melodies of 60s, 70s, and 80s - Ajay Mankotia and Sathya Saran talking about Bollywood Music
12.00 PM TO 12:40 PM Biographies and Memoirs: Creating Impactful Narratives - Kasturi Ray, Shobha T. Srinivasan and Satyarth Nayak In Conversation with Barkha Mathur Exploring Notable Conspiracies in Indian History - Anuj Dhar In Conversation With Ms. Chanda Sinhababu The Interesting case of Bureaucrats writing Books - KP Krishnan, Sudha Krishnan, Ajay Mankotia In Conversation with Arun Anand The Evolving Landscape of Language: Influence on Communication and Culture in Contemporary Times - Bharat Dabholkar In Conversation with Supantha Bhattacharya Mastering Chess: Strategies and Insights from Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee and International Master Shri Anup Deshmukh Overcoming Creative Blockage: Your Path to Creativity" - A workshop by Milli Pandey Vikamshi
01.00 PM TO 01:40 PM The Classified Files of Indian Government - Anuj Dhar Chandrachur Ghose In Conversation with Kulpreet Yadav Stocks, Start-Ups and More: The Rise of Indian Financial Sector - Keval Bhanushali, Vinod Bhat, Harshvardhan Ragunath, Susan Thomas - In Conversation with CA Riddhi Saboo Tahalramani Publishers talk about The Journey of a Debut Author: Challenges, Triumphs, and Lessons - Dipankar Mukherjee, Chirag Thakker in conversation with Dr. Puja Bang Indian Heritage: Preseving the Temples of Ancient and Medival India - Avanti Sopory In Conversation with Bhavesh Tahalramani
02.00 PM TO 02:40 PM Are you ready to be the next beauty queen? With Anvita Sudarshan In Conversation with Shivani Lalwani The Rise of the Short Format: Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poetry and more - Beetashok Chatterjee, Smita Das Jain, Shobha T. Srinivasan In Conversation with Barkha Mathur Mind Matters: Talking about Mental Health - Cultivating Emotional Resilience in the Digital Age - Dr. Sapna Sharma - In conversation with Koutilya Chhajed Understanding the Ethics Legal Proffession with Hon'ble Justice R.C. Chavan In Conversation with Advocate Gouri Venkatraman Theatre Workshop with Vikash Khurana Sir Soulful Sounds: Music Appriciation Workshop with Sadhna Shiledar
03.00 PM To 03:40 PM Chhavi Mittal on Embracing Motherhood Beyond Mom Duties - अपने आपको खोजने का एक सफर !! In Conversation with Dr. Sapna Sharma Fostering Community Empowerment: A Panel Discussion on the Significance and Influence of Social Services- Paromita Goswami, Arty Kumari, Barkha mathur In Conversation with Dr. Puja Bang Exploring Feminism and Sexuality in Patriarchal Societies: Embracing Diverse Perspectives on Relationships - Anuja Chandramouli in Conversation with Dr. Ruchi Chaudhary Business Revolution: Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services for Entrepreneurs - Keval Bhanushali, Harshvardhan Raghunath, In conversation with Vishal Jain
04.00 PM To 04:40 PM Literary Adaptations Across Platforms: Expanding the Boundaries of Storytelling Karan Oberoi, Anirban Bhattacharya and Omkar Sane In Converation with Supantha Bhattacharya सीधी बात Prabhu Chawla के साथ In Conversation With Sunil Hazari Decoding Economics and Policy - Ajay Shah In Conversation with Chirag Thakkar Embracing Diversity: LGBTQ+ Narratives in Literature and Cinema - Manvendra Singh Gohil In Conversation with Koutilya Chhajed Crafting Compelling Narratives: Writing Tips with Kulpreet Yadav Reserved for Influencer
05.00 PM TO 05:40 PM How to eat like a Celebrity: Golden words from a Celebrity Nutritionist - Ryan Fernando In Conversation with Sohrab Kanga MAHAGATHA - 100 TALES FROM PURANAS - Satyarth Nayak In Conversation with Anuja Chandramouli Management : the art of navigating change in today's fast-paced world - Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Harshwardhan Raghunath, In Conversation with Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar Reserved for Influencer
06.00 PM TO 06:40 PM The Eternal Magic of Bollywood Music - Karan Oberoi, Satya Saran In conversation with Dipankar Mukherjee Skills for Success: Building Confidence through Personal Development, Communication, and Public Speaking - Swaima Ahmed In Conversation With Riddhi Wasu Storytelling on Modern Platforms: Podcasts, Videoblogs and more With Omkar Sane In Conversation with Tufel Sharif Artisanal and Craft Food Production: Explore the revival of traditional methods and artisanal techniques in food production, such as cheese-making, charcuterie, and brewing. - Neha Rahate, Rucha Moghe, Mithilesh Vazalwar, Chef Shruti Jain In Conversation with Mahek sugandh Reserved for Influencer
07.00 PM TO 08.30 PM Evolution of Digital Entertainment Platforms: Explore the shift from traditional media to digital platforms like Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, etc., and their impact on entertainment consumption habits - Sneha Taori , Apoorva Sirsikar, Alessanddra Nirrwann In conversation with Simran Dhameja RAHA Band Performance