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Wisdom Strokes

A true manifesto!

Finding inspiration to nourish your soul and learning to hear your inner voice is a never-ending journey with many emotional rollercoaster rides. That’s where it becomes important to balance your emotions while peacefully navigating through all challenges and difficulties. Wisdom Strokes’ comes as a true manifesto to help the readers locate their inner voices and enrich their souls by breaking down all silos that restrict our minds and hearts. Through words of wisdom and thought-provoking reflections on inspirational quotes, the book focuses on self-expression, compassion, supernatural healing, emotional intelligence, confidence, and all important life skills that take the reader to a new era of enlightenment. It is about helping create a perfect balance between the internal and external self, the only fundamental to success.

Sutapa Basu
About the book - Sutapa Basu

When we study history in school, we learn about how the reigns of important kings changed the country, about how the British established their empire here and how much Indians struggled to attain Independence. But there is hardly any information on how India was integrated into one, single nation after Independence. All of us, children and young adults of our country are exposed daily to momentous events building India’s present history. But do they know how this nation was built nearly from scratch? What did our leaders, the rulers of princely kingdoms, and our people do? What did they sacrifice? How did they fight so that we have a nation that is India today?

There are innumerable stories hidden in the answers to those questions; each one different, each one intriguing, each one worth knowing.

The Birth of My Nation tells those stories.

It also tells the stories of how each of the 28 states and 8 union territories of modern India was born right from its pre-historic days to modern times.

Sutapa Basu
About the Book - Akash Khurana

How often do we recall the major achievements in our lives and celebrate them? Do we spend enough time remembering the significant people and incidents that influenced our lives? Do we look back and cherish the contribution of our mentors?

In Mentor-Morphosis, Akash Khurana chronicles how his mentors shaped the early years of his life, and with that as reference, he generates a model of various mentoring stages and mentor types that may be applicable to everyone’s life. Readers are then guided to revisit their own mentoring history and recall certain learnings that could enrich their perspective on their journey into the future. By sharing experiences through a memoir, the author replicates the tradition of storytelling where emotionally compelling tales are handed down over generations. Based on his own experiences in Management, Academics, Media and the Performing Arts, Khurana believes that developing the passion to be creative embellishes the leader in you and is an eminent stairway to excellence, and in this casebook, he stimulates answers to the interestingly poised question: How do you find a mentor who can fuel that passion?

Sutapa Basu
About the book - Vilas Kale

Stunned by the silence of Antarctica, the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro, the grandeur of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the beauty of the metro stations in Moscow, inveterate traveller Vilas Kale explored the far corners of the world with enthusiasm and great interest. In his younger days he hitchhiked with his cousins across the Middle East and Europe, a trip that fuelled his need to see more, do more, experience more. And even as he found success as an entrepreneur, that spirit of adventure prevailed, taking him on more exciting trips to Africa, Australia, the United States, Scandinavia, the Antarctic and beyond.

He has wandered through exotic destinations alone and with his wife, with friends and family or with professional contacts, always wanting to go that extra mile to find something he has read about, seen in films or dreamed of, eating usually-delicious vegetarian food of the region and making friends with the locals. And he captured what he saw on canvas, some of his work illuminating this book.

This is a work of love, a chronicle of adventures and expeditions that will inspire the aspiring traveller to pack a bag and take off to new destinations.

 Vilas Kale