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OCLF Nagpur


Words in Your Personal Space

From ‘A’ to ‘Z’ lies a whole world

A world where ‘A’ and ‘T’ stands for ‘AT’

One alphabet in the beginning makes cat,

One alphabet at the end makes ate,

Adding more here and there goes to make late, rate, and many more.

What do you want to say?

You have a cat, or you ate a while ago?

You paid a reasonable rate for the house rent

Or you were late for your class?

Play scrabble and there are letters turning to words

Where will you head without the power of words?

Words made using dancing letters between ‘A’ to ‘Z’

Can you think about society or community?

Can you think about communication or relation?

Can you imagine history or consider a future without words?

There’s where you are, words can never go out of space,

Words are an integral part of your personal space,

Forming an integral part of the human society.


So, let’s come together to celebrate word, celebrate literature, and bring a meaningful transformation to ourselves and society. Let’s turn the virtual floor to an engaging and inspiring experience! Let’s gear up for OCLF 3rd Edition, a LitFest for anyone and everyone.