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Our Story

Orange City Literature Festival

With the creative thought to keep alive the essence of literature and to conceptualize a platform to portray the unique aspects of art, culture, and tradition, OCLF emerged. In the running era of e-books, we are somewhere losing the delight of reading the fragranced book pages. Orange City Literature Festival aims to encourage the uniqueness and newness of literary magic and also to promote the originality of aesthetic content. Digging deeper, we widened ideas by inviting authors and speakers from various walks of life, including journalism, business, entertainment, and much more. Focusing on cherishing the mystical art, OCLF conducts several workshops for people of all ages.


Apart from literary delights, OCLF has brightly evolved with each edition. From the creative thought of exhibiting a mesmerizing art gallery to setting up various stalls, the festival has unfolded distinctive concepts and has successfully executed them. With its humble inaugural season in 2019, OCLF has witnessed an extraordinary evolution. In this remarkable journey, our family of prominent authors and wordsmiths has grown from over 70 to more than 100 speakers, with their colossal experiences and valuable insights. OCLF began with 4,500+ eager attendees in the first season and has fledged into 8,500+ literature enthusiasts in the fourth one.

OCLF's organizing panel includes distinguished personalities actively promoting cultural activities and working for the welfare of society.

  • Mr. Sunil Raisoni, Chairman - RGI and Founder of the Orange City Literature Festival
  • Dr. Rajan Welukar - Ex-VC Mumbai University
  • Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai - Director SPM Foundation & Founder Atma Darshan Pvt Ltd & Chanakya Aanvikshiki Pvt Ltd
  • Mrs. Nishigandha Wad - Indian Film and Television Actress
  • Mrs. Varsha Shashank Manohar - President Women's Home Trust, Nagpur
  • Mr. Ashutosh Ram Shewalkar – Businessman, Author and Social Contributor
  • Mrs. Savita Ajay Sancheti - Social Contributor