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About Orange City Literature Festival

The Orange City Literature Festival (OCLF) is an esteemed recognition of literary excellence in Nagpur and a three-day carnival of inspiration, creativity, and culture. Being a vibrant celebration of the written and spoken word, OCLF beads together poets, authors, actors, journalists, bibliophiles, and speakers from all corners of India with their insightful experiences. As one of the largest literature festivals in the country, the extravaganza presents diverse and engaging happenings through sessions, thought-provoking panel discussions, book signings, workshops by acclaimed speakers, art competitions, and exhibitions. Gracing the celebrations are mesmerizing dance and musical performances for traditional culture admirers.

Unifying together budding authors and prominent wordsmiths, OCLF provides a platform to learn, share, cherish, celebrate, and keep alive the essence of literature. This unique spectacle is self-funded and aims to offer an enriching literary experience to society in a fun-filled way. With expressive poetry slams and storytelling sessions, the gathering of intellectuals lays a space for attendees to contemplate and discuss a diverse range of topics. Orange City Literature Festival is a delightful convergence of creativity and craftsmanship wherein we set up various stalls, each with a unique facet to offer. OCLF's organizing panel comprises various eminent personalities from all walks of life.


Our Journey

OCLF 1st Edition: 2019
  • Orange City Literature Festival's 1st Edition appears to have been a successful and inclusive celebration of literature and culture, with a substantial number of participants and a variety of engaging activities.
  • The 1st Orange City Literature Festival took place from December 4th to 6th, 2019. It featured 5 inaugural sessions, 82 main sessions, 2 live events, and 14 workshops.
  • Over 70 eminent speakers participated, attracting a diverse audience, including students, professionals, kids, and parents. The festival also provided 20+ free stalls for NGOs to showcase and sell products.
OCLF 2nd Edition (Virtual):2020
  • The 2nd Edition was held virtually from November 27th to 29th, 2020, using Cisco WebEx and streaming on YouTube channels.
  • Due to COVID-19, the event was organized by SGR Knowledge Foundation in partnership with G H Raisoni University and Powered by Raisoni Group of Institutions.
  • It featured 5 inaugural sessions, 82 main sessions, 1 live event, and 14 training sessions. The festival received an overwhelming response digitally through online streaming on YouTube.
OCLF 3rd OCLF 3rd Edition (Hybrid Format) 2021
  • The 3rd Edition took place from November 27th to 29th, 2021, adopting a Hybrid Format (Online and Offline).
  • The festival featured 6 inaugural sessions, 82 main sessions, 1 live event, and 14 training sessions.
  • Online sessions were streamed on YouTube channels, while Offline sessions were held at Chitnavis Centre, with a Cultural Evening at South Central Zone Cultural Centre (SCZCC). People participated in immense numbers both online and offline. Additionally, there were 13+ stalls for Nagpur.
OCLF 4th Edition: 2022
  • The 4th Edition took place from November 18th to 20th, 2022.
  • The festival introduced a new expressive logo, embodying its core values. With 96 sessions, 90+ renowned speakers, 3 Live Events, 24 workshops, book readings, launches, and various activities, the festival buzzed with creativity.
  • Additionally, open mic sessions, competitions, and 23+ stalls for Nagpur's small businesses added to the diverse offerings.
OCLF 5th Edition

Dipped in the ink of imagination, creativity, and passion, OCLF's literary journey has been remarkable and vibrant. Reflecting upon the long, four-year terrific tour, we embark on the fifth edition of the Orange City Literature Festival.

Being a unique literature celebration to learn, inspire, and unite, OCLF has seen an enhancement with every captivating chapter. With a classic and colorful logo that symbolizes diversity, unity, and inclusivity, OCLF welcomes people from all walks of life and embraces varied ideas.

The Orange City Literature Festival is back in Nagpur with more enthusiasm and eagerness to explore. It will be held between 24th and 26th November 2023, with its artistic impressions, literary delights, and cultural curiosities, weaving together dilettantes, influencers, writers, readers, entertainers, and thinkers with their colossal experiences and valuable insights.

  • A vibrant literary celebration with diverse author presentations, engaging events, and captivating readings.
  • Prepped up with inspiring talks, thought-provoking panels, fun-filled workshops, contests, book signings, and readings that enrich culture.

As we continue to explore the limitless aspects of literature, we invite you to embrace the literary essence and join us in the celebrations!