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The Orange City Literature Festival serves as a gathering of diverse individuals, spanning various age groups and backgrounds. This vibrant event not only welcomes scholars but also invites artists, enthusiasts, and people from all walks of life to partake in its enriching atmosphere. During this festival, the intellectuals add value to the initiative for literature by providing insight to the attendees to contemplate and discuss various topics in different languages - literature, art, and life.

A multicolor circle logo for OCLF typically symbolizes unity, diversity, and inclusivity. It is used to represent the Orange City Literature Festival, a fest which values and embraces a wide range of people, backgrounds, and ideas. It is also to show that the Event is forward-thinking and open to change. The festival is rooted in Nagpur, a city renowned for its Oranges. This is why it is named the Orange City Literature Festival.

The circle logo is used to represent the unity, wholeness, and infinity of the Festival and the City altogether. It is an unparalleled design that is used to represent the concept of the fest. It communicates feelings of resilience, steadfastness, and assurance. We have incorporated specific colors to enhance

Magenta color Symbolizes the Poets -Magenta is a lively and dynamic hue often linked with vigour, enthusiasm, and innovation. Additionally, it embodies passion and romantic sentiments, serving as an emblem of deep affection and intense emotions.

Sky Blue color Symbolizes the writers - Sky blue is oftentimes utilized to represent lucidity and impartiality, deriving from its association with the serene and tranquil sky. This shade is also emblematic of veracity, steadfastness, and astuteness, often conveying notions of liberation and autonomy.

Aqua green color symbolizes the actors -Aqua green is commonly linked with creativity, imagination, and self-expression. It also signifies vitality, confidence, and a willingness to explore new experiences and take risks.

Royal blue color symbolizes the journalists - Royal blue is a preferred option for embodying wisdom, knowledge, and authority. Additionally, it encapsulates attributes like integrity, reliability, and ambition, often evoking a sense of obligation and dependability.

Purple color symbolizes the personalities (Irrespective of their fields) - Purple is often used to symbolize mystery, magic, and creativity. It can also represent spirituality, intuition, and imagination, and is associated with a strong sense of personal identity.

Pink color Symbolizes the Art - Poets oftentimes employ pink to signify affection, happiness, purity, and optimism. This hue is also associated with femininity, delicacy, and elegance. Furthermore, pink can symbolize compassion, empathy, and embracing diversity.

Orange color is for literature - Orange is a color that is usually associated with creativity and imagination in literature. It is believed to be a color that encourages communication and encourages people to think outside the box and express themselves in creative ways. This connection is also linked to excitement and delight, evident in numerous literary works that centre around positivity and aspirations.

Green color is for life - Green is often associated with life as it is the color of nature and the environment. In some cultures, green is a symbol of growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. At times, green is connected with the notions of rejuvenation and new beginnings.