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The Orange City Literature Festival is The gathering of multiple intellectuals. During this festival the intellectuals add value to the initiative for literature by giving an insight to the attendees to contemplate on and to discuss various topics in different languages - on literature, and life.

A multicolor circle logo for OCLF typically symbolizes unity, diversity, and inclusivity. It is actually used to represent OCLF, A festival which values and embraces a wide range of people, backgrounds, and ideas. It is also to show that the Event is forward-thinking and open to change. The Festival is of Nagpur and Nagpur is known for Oranges, thats why its Orange City Literature Festival.

The circle logo is used to represent unity, wholeness, and infinity of the Festival and the City altogether. It is a timeless design that is used to represent the concept of the fest. It conveys a sense of strength, stability, and security. We have taken colors to make this clear.

Magenta color Symbolizes the Poets - Magenta is a bright, vibrant color that is often associated with energy, excitement, and creativity. It is also a color of passion and romance, making it a symbol of love and strong emotion.

Sky Blue color Symbolizes the writers - Sky blue is often used to symbolize clarity and objectivity, as it is the color of the sky and is seen as a calming and peaceful hue. It can also represent truth, loyalty, and intelligence, and is often used to express a sense of freedom and independence.

Aqua green color symbolizes the actors - Aqua green is often used to symbolize creativity, imagination, and expression. It can also represent energy, vitality, and confidence, and is often associated with being open to new experiences and taking risks.

Royal blue color symbolizes the journalists - Royal blue is often used to symbolize wisdom, knowledge, and authority. It can also represent integrity, trustworthiness, and ambition, and is often associated with a sense of responsibility and reliability.

Purple color symbolizes the personalities (Irrespective of their fields) - Purple is often used to symbolize mystery, magic, and creativity. It can also represent spirituality, intuition, and imagination, and is associated with a strong sense of personal identity.

Pink color Symbolizes the Art - Pink is often used by poets as a symbol of love, joy, innocence, and hope. It can also represent femininity, sensitivity, and grace. Pink can also represent compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

Orange color is for literature - Orange is a color that is often associated with creativity and imagination in literature. It is believed to be a color that encourages communication and encourages people to think outside the box and express themselves in creative ways. It is also associated with enthusiasm and joy, which can be seen in many works of literature that focus on optimism and hope.

Green color is for life - Green is often associated with life as it is the color of nature and the environment. In some cultures, green is a symbol of growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green is also sometimes associated with renewal, and rebirth.