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Savie Karnel is a distinguished author, and journalist, who loves to travel the world to collect stories. She is the author of the 2021 bestseller The Nameless God, a fiction work published by Red Panda, the children’s imprint of Westland Publications. As an eminent journalist, she worked with prominent news agencies such as The New Indian Express, Mid-Day, and Talk magazine.

She has been fond of reading books since her childhood days and her love for writing emerged when she started writing short poems for the popular supplement Youth Express. She grew up in the coastal town of Karwar with her favorite diet of mangoes, fish, and most importantly books. Spending her childhood days in a small town in Karnataka she had limited access to bookstores and libraries but she made the most of what was available.

Her terrifying debut is a story of two children, Bachchu and Noor, who believe that the GOD they know is too extremely busy to answer their prayers, and so they decide to create a new one for themselves. The book that is set during the time of Babri Masjid Demolition and the communal riots that followed the unforgettable event will surely redefine the idea of religion for children.

In the book, she portrayed the children as critical thinkers. They question, seek explanations, and prominently, believe in themselves and their friendship. With this book, she wants to highlight the importance of friendship and relationships and bring out the pointlessness of invisible boundaries created by different faiths and religions.

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Savie Karnel