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Rajeev Mantri is an India-based entrepreneur and investor, investing in public companies and early-stage technology ventures. He has contributed articles on political economy, technology, investing and entrepreneurship to Mint, Swarajya, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Indian Express and other publications.

Rajeev graduated with a BS in materials science and engineering from Northwestern University, and an MBA from Columbia University, specializing in private equity and value investing. He is on Twitter @RMantri.

Rajeev Mantri

Harsh Madhusudan and Rajeev Mantri on A New Idea of India

On 28th Nov 3.00 p.m. - 3.40 p.m.

Harsh Madhusudan and Rajeev Mantri have jointly written this book. It portrays India as a growing nation. As Rajeev puts in strongly that India was not born in 1947, but is an ancient country which has a rich culture and ability to become a world force. The current times are such that there is a social transformation is happening in the country. Unfortunately there are communal forces which have become more active, and therefore have created some unrest in the Indian society. Still however, India and its leadership needs to pull its weight as a powerful country not just in the region of South Asia, but across the world. The writers consider that the recent communalism can hamper the growth of the country and there should be a one law for one country situation where people from all religions can live in harmony in the country. This will add fuel to the development of the country and make it a world recognized power that it is.