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Rajan Welukar, is an eminent academician, is the former vice-chancellor of the University of Mumbai, Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University and GH Raisoni University.

He Compiled and edited, Gandhi@150 which explores the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas in today’s world and the impact of his philosophy across a wide spectrum of areas such as religion, economics, science, education, the arts and health and development.

Rajan Welukar

Future Education – Session for Teachers and Parents

On 28th Nov 10.00 a.m. - 10.40 a.m

Literature is the blood of society. The nations are built with the force of literature. It creates thinkers who give direction to those who are on the wrong way. In the modern era not possible to protest it has become a tool to express themselves for writers and poets. I must compliment Mr. Raisoniji and Mrunal Naik who thought about these festivals. Many people will share their perspectives about many subjects where Nagpurians will get some knowledge about it. It was necessary. Take the example of our Vedas & Upnishadas is our Spiritual literature dating thousands of years back. They are still guiding us. Devotional lyrics, folk tales, and much other literature like Jain & Buddhist literature were being created. It is the only form of expression which has been part of human life. Life is the raw material of literature and it affects life very much. This will continue year after year. Writers through literature make an impact for changes. It is Literature has the power to develop a healthy environment for sustainable social life. Our life seems studded with Social media and gadgets. So not only lit changing according to it changing forms like audiobook, eBooks and other digital platforms. I thanks all writers for joining this festival. In the modern era not possible to protest it has become tools to express themselves for writers and poets.