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Prerna Singh Bindra Has Been at the Forefront of the Battle to Conserve India’s Wildlife for over a Decade. She Was a Member of India’s National Board for Wildlife and Its Core Standing Committee (2010-13). She Has Also Served On Uttarakhand State Board For Wildlife. Prerna’s Primary Focus Is Protecting Wildlife Habitats and Critically Endangered Species. She Is A Widely Published Author With Over 1,500 Pieces On Nature And Wildlife. She Also Does Travelogues And Occasional Humor Pieces. Prerna’s Book the Vanishing India’s Wildlife Crisis Published by Penguin India Was Released In June 2017.

Prerna Bindra

Economic and Industrial Development of Vidarbha in the age of Climate Change

The empirical study in the paper ascertains that the developed regions are developed due to advancement in Industrial sector. This, however, is the prime reason for migration of adept class of society to developed region leaving rest of the region poorer. This puts extra burden on the developed city’s infrastructure. Hence Backwash (Myrdal) effect could be seen in in developed Nagpur district of Vidarbha region primarily due to Industrial development policies.