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Naveen Choudhary is an author and satirist. His political thriller Janta Store is soon going to be adapted as web-series. He works as Associate Marketing Director at Oxford University Press and leads Social science discipline marketing globally.

Naveen Choudhary

Panel on - Is the virtual Platform Affecting publishing and real essence of reading

On 28th Nov 1.00 p.m. - 1.40 p.m.


Let's Talk about How to become a Writer

On 29th Nov 2.00 p.m. - 2.40 p.m.

Suppose you need to compose a book and have a good story too and show huge interest, yet I contrasted with the individuals who need to do it but the number is small. Why?

Everybody discloses to us we shouldn't, and we reveal to ourselves we can't. We don't have the experience or the time or the ability or the motivation. The rundown continues endlessly, and it's all reasons. We're loaded with pardons not to compose! In any case, there's one incredible motivation to compose: we're intended to. Turning into a Writer is certainly not an outlandish assignment. We're all narrators; it's designed, customized. From the time you told your mother distinctive made up stories, you turned into a narrator or a writer.

However, you affixed it away, encouraging your internal pundit all things being equal. Grown-ups love to be pundits. There's nothing simpler than not making and making a decision about others' manifestations, since that is protected. Like free falling, it's not unbelievably protected, however it's not frightfully troublesome. You should simply allow your inner author to return out and hop off that edge. Nothing wandered, nothing picked up. Everything necessary is that one stage. You're here on the grounds that you need to make that stride.

You are about to create something new. In case you're here, you've done it, or you will do it, and you should be pleased! Doesn't it feel preferred to make something over it? Did you scrutinize it? You've confronted the risk, and I'll wager that something was picked up. You just need to put efforts and your author will come out.


Panel on - Media Trials - A rape of a rape case

On 29th Nov 3.00 p.m. - 3.40 p.m.

Naveen Choudhary: It's important to take message all the while from all the gatherings in question and constructs the assessment on an issue, with unquestionably compromises the foundation from disregarding rights with the development of the quantity of information diverts and in expanding prominence of" breaking news". Electronic Media has come to assume a significant part in blending popular assessment and awareness public promotion outside the court through a grounded system like campaigning, dealings and activation of general assessment has been viably embraced by the media. The latest thing of media on announcing cases generally known as "Preliminary by media" has seen the vibe of self-showed stories, insane truth bringing about the infringement of right of people, coming about media revealing changing into a media bazaar.

Anuj Tiwari: Trial by media is an expression well known over the most recent time to portray the effect of TV and print media taking up a case by making a wide spread view of any case for any decision in a courtroom and consequently the denouncement is held blameworthy even before his decision. This nonsense drama on TV to sell their story and lift their TRP, leaving sweeping injury to the standing of the blamed. The media includes itself so seriously and during such high exposure legal disputes the media sensationalizes the case and incites a climate of public insanity which not just makes free and reasonable thoughts hollow and untrustworthy.

Vinay Nalwa: Suspects and denounced separated, even casualty and witnesses experience the ill effects of inordinate exposure and attack of their protection rights. On the other feature, the preliminary by media meddles with the organization of justice lower the authority of courts lastly hampering the working of majority rules system on the grounds that a free legal executive can move that too without dread or favor. It is vital and its strength is the confidence of the general population as a rule in that foundation. Further the media intrudes into the examination in this manner, misleading the examination or upsetting the working of investigation offices.