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Naveen Choudhary is Head of Marketing at Oxford University Press. He is responsible for the marketing of academic titles and the Indian Language Publishing Program. Also an author and satirist, his first novel “Janta Store” is based on the student politics of Rajasthan.

Naveen Choudhary

Publishing Industry and its Future


There is various type of publication like fiction, non-fiction, curriculum, etc. in those most profitable is an academic publication where they receive decent money as a royalty. But some are not that lucky. The irony is academic writer get money but not the fame which other writers receive. So it’s either name or money. Some extra lucky may get both. People do buy quality content which is researched based. Undoubtedly marketing is important on both publisher and writer's side in the current scenario and for that social media are the best mediums. 55% of book purchasers are coming from social media these days. Content is a king and has a power to gravitate reader. We are not competing with another publication but new mediums of Netflix and other streaming sites which are consuming peoples too much time.


Let's Discuss Politics in Politics

We says that violence increases, is it or it was happening before with same extent we are getting know it frequently due to social media ? We may say what happen in 2002 was wrong but what about 1984? That too was bad. People take side according to their ideology. Those who says Terrorism has no religion talk about Bhagwa Atankwad, how this is happening? People are divided and perhaps we can’t do much about it. We always gets slips to wrong path while raising issues, that’s huge problem. It seems being divided is in human nature. That why we need middle path.


ew Age Writers and Hindi

Every child wants to rebel against what their father did. So I choose a different path. I belong to the marketing field and it is different than sales. Marketing primarily advertises and take the product to people where sales help in selling the book. I become a writer unintentionally as I was a class running guy. Starting with satirical writing I got recognition and started my blog. I stood for an election in Rajasthan University after some political issues which I found irritating. I wrote the street play to increase awareness on woman protection. Due to my caste, I failed in the election. These days everyone seems to be writer and audiences are less. I got the idea of my book “Janta Store” after a series of events I witnessed at my university. While writing we should hold the subject and make it interesting. Above all Word of Mouth is the best way to spread knowledge about your book no other way is as good as it is. If you have good ideas put it on the paper and present it to the prospective publishers, in the form of the proposal which constitutes the crux of your books. A book could have various subjects mixed just its writers mind how intelligently he segregate and make it worthy of reading.