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Nandita C. Puri is a writer and journalist, who has authored a collection of short stories, Nine on Nine, Om Puri’s biography, “Unlikely Hero” and launched her first novel, “Two Worlds” this year. Her articles have been published in The Telegraph, Dainik Bhaskar, The Statesman and Mid-Day. Besides being a broadcast journalist and an art critic, Nandita has written screenplays for commercial as well as non-commercial cinema.

Nandita Puri

Fighting with the myth called equality


Petitions pertaining to reservations for trans-persons in government jobs and educational institutions, and seeking the formation of transgender welfare boards, among other things, are in the works. Just last month, the country got its first dedicated hiring consultancy firm for the members of the LGBT community. At present, even after the change in law, the community lags behind their Western counterparts in attaining equal pay, corporate representation and other benefits. And unfriendly policies towards businesses that cater to LGBT consumers have led to huge loss.


When I wrote Unlikely Hero

It was huge responsibility for me to confront Om Puri for his Interview. I was young, passionate journalist, I took his photo, he took mine and the romance began. While dating one day he asked me about writing his biography. That’s when the idea of book conceived but I was necessary to know him thoroughly so it took almost 12-13 years to official began writing book. Moreover I wasn’t published then it would his burden to publish the book as well. He got western exposure quite early and he maintains both promptly. He had gone through extreme poverty such as it was not conforming whether he will get next meal or not. But he kept himself consistent and learned. He did many award winning cinemas but also aware was cinema which gave you bread and butter was also important. By time films were changing and he moderated himself accordingly to fit in. He moved slowly and wisely, maintaining Indian and western cinema. He was quite famous in British cinema and British Films. People were recognizing him. He never rejected any film no matter what role was. He played many Pakistani roles. He didn’t mind it. He enjoyed Stage and loves the cinema. In book I’m not harsh but whatever I wrote was true depiction of him. He would have like it. He always advised youth to keep back up to console if anything goes wrong. He was great soul.


Unconventional Women in Conventional World

I lost my father in my childhood so my mother was taken care of me single handedly. My mother worked, cooked and did all house chores while raising me. We see boys are shown ambition of being doctor, engineer, lawyer girls wasn’t that privileged, fortunately they are now, but with lesser extent. Nurse teacher was their primary choices. I decided to make my career in writing my mother unhesitatingly supported me. My husband too didn’t bother about me for not being a good cook. Rather he too supported me.