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Dr. Mickey Mehta – Global Leading Holistic Health Guru/ Corporate Life Coach

  • Recipient of 'The Health & Wellness Icon of India' award by Economic Times and is among the '100 Most Impactful Wellness Leaders of the World' as announced at the Global Wellness Conclave 2018
  • The first personal trainer of India, fitness columnist and fitness tv and radio presenter in India
  • Author of best sellers 'The Shoonyam Quotient' & 'Lose Weight Gain Shape'
  • Only one in India to have an honorary double doctorate in Holistic Health & Life Sciences for Integrated Medicines
  • Been invited to speak at the Harvard University, IITs, IIMs & Tedx across the world
  • Has the rare distinction of training the Police, the Army, the Navy & the Airforce
  • Coach to Miss India, Miss Worlds, Miss Universes along and Bollywood biggies, politicians & India Inc billionaires
  • Recently joined to support the government's FIT INDIA Movement
  • Conducted webinars for Manipal Cigna Health Insurance, Lupin Limited, Procter & Gamble health Ltd, Aditya Birla Sunlife, Aditya Birla Health, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & the Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association etc.
  • Dr. Mehta launched on hotstar, Tata Sky and Videocon DTH and put together a reach of 150 million.
  • The author, poet, philosopher, the brand, the institution, the legendary - DR MICKEY MEHTA who gets you Energized, Naturalized, Optimized, Maximized, Wellness Revolutionized and gets you MICKEYMIZED!!
Mickey Mehta

Ignorance to illumination

On 28th Nov - 5.00 pm to 5.40 pm

Dr. Mickey Mehta is a Global leading holistic health guru and a corporate Life-coach. He feels that we see with our eyes and yet we miss. In his talk he takes us on a walk path of ignorance to illumination.

In his own words, Ignorance is a state when visually everything is available to you.. in front of you 180* of eye sight but the lack of 360* perception...the depth of perspectives is completely missing. This illumination perhaps happens when you shut your eyes switch off your senses scattered senses only to become one. When all senses integrate we begin to sense one wholeness which is perhaps what we call common sence now this common sense illuminates our minds.

Live life minus deceptions. . .with multi sensory perceptions. . .