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Kiran Manral is an award-winning and bestselling Indian author, TEDx speaker, columnist, mentor and feminist. She has written books across genres in both fiction and non-fiction. She lives in Mumbai.

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Kiran Manral

Session1 - link My Experiance about Writting Different in Genres in Conversation with Samantak Bhadra

On 28th Nov - 01.00 p.m. - 1.40 p.m.

Samantak bhadra moderates a talk by Kiran Manral who is a renowned and awarded writer.Samantak bhadra is known for his poetry reading classes and he is a poet himself. He especially admires the flexibility with which Kiran manages to shift between genres. Kiran has written many books both fiction and nonfiction. Samantak admires the prolific and versatile way in which she not just writes but also conducts herself in general.

According to Kiran a day in life of a writer is quite boring and involves hard work. Every writer has to have a bread and butter profession because writing does pay for their bread and butter. Kiran lives with a lot of discipline and she says that the more disciplined you are in your personal life the more flamboyant and outgoing in your writing. She also says that the writer’s block is an excuse for people and if you indulge yourself in it you will be wasting time and your energy.

Session2- Changing face of Bollywood - Art, Action, Addition and its Effects with Nandita Om Puri, Sharmishtha Gooptu, Kiran Manral

On 27th Nov - 5.00 p.m. - 5.40 p.m.