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Khyrunnisa A. is an award-winning writer of children’s fiction and the author of the hilarious Butterfingers series. Tongue in Cheek: The Funny Side of Life (2019) is her first book for adults. Her latest book for children, The Lizard of Oz and Other Stories (2019), is a collection of delightful animal stories. She writes regularly for the children’s magazine Dimdima and most of the stories in this collection first appeared in that magazine. Her stories, for adults and for children, have been published in various anthologies. She is a full-time writer and lives in Thiruvananthapuram.

Publisher Support

Crocodile Who Ate Butter Chicken for Breakfast & Other Stories - 8 to 14 years

On 28th Nov 12.00 p.m. - 12.40 p.m.

Khyrunnisa A is now well-known as a writer of humorous books meant for young kids. Crocodile who ate butter chicken for breakfast was her most recent. This book is about a boy who doesn’t want any regular animals for pets. He wants to have an unusual pet and he brings home a crocodile. The story revolves around the young boy and his friends trying to hide the crocodile from the parents. There is a lot of fun that follows, there are 20 more stories in this book. Khyrunnisa has chosen different animals like snakes, turkeys, zebra, fish etc. She has written a book for adults as well, but most of her writing is for kids.

The stories show the rich imagination of the writer and the way that she has dealt with such unusual stories is par excellence. The author loves animals and the heroes in her books are usually animals.