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Devdutt Pattanaik, a renowned Indian author and mythologist, writes on the relevance of Indian and world mythology in modern times. He is good at the art of blending mythological ideas with modern world governance, management, and leadership. He believes mythology to be cultural truths revealed through symbols, stories, and rituals. Trained in medicine, he worked for 15 years in the healthcare and pharma industries before he plunged full-time into his passion. With over 50 books, 500 workshops, 1000 columns, and 3000 illustrations, he has invested 25 years in making Indian culture accessible to the next generation.

He is fondly known for his bestsellers My Gita, Jaya, Sita, Shyam, Business Sutra and the 7 Secret Series. He has delivered various informative TED talks and television shows. His popular TV shows include Business Sutra, Devlok, and Daan Sthapana. He has also hosted the popular radio show The Devdutt Pattanaik Show. Immersed in exploring the different dimensions of mythology, he also provides organizations with consultations based on culture, leadership, and diversity. Having a keen interest in storytelling, he is known for his creative ideas for television channels and filmmakers.

Apart from his immense love for mythological literature, he is deeply fond of art. While mentioning his craft, a few columnists say that Devdutt has a particular style, and his art portrays an exceptional form of beauty and depiction, avoiding the grammatical view of the picture.

While defining the importance of leadership in the business sector, He believes that leadership is about giving relevant importance to varied ideas, encouraging one to be authentic and genuine. A leader utilizes authority to motivate others and not merely misuse powers by dominating people.

Distinguishing between mythological fiction and mythology, he underlines that mythological fiction is famous as it finds its roots in traditional tales. Mythology is more concerned with figuring out various views of cultures.

Devdutt Pattanaik