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Chef Soundararajan-President World Chef Association,Founder General Secretory IFCA and Corporate Chef of Club Mahendra

Chef Soundararajan was born as the seventh child in the family of a coffee merchant. In search of a career with a broad scope, he joined IHM Chennai in 1982 and that was the start of his culinary career. And also the start of his journey towards success. He was a rank holder of IHM Chennai and he has been merited with a certificate in World Cuisine from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, New York. Today, he is one of the WACS certified chefs. Chef Soundararajan has been offered fellowship from the St. Nicholas University and he has been bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate from Vels University in Hospitality Management D.Litt.

Chef Soundhrajan

Eat Right

Healthy Eating habits are highly important in life. Cliché we know, but it doesn’t make the fact any less true. Fortunately, we’re more health conscious than ever. Gym, yoga, regular exercises are now part of our lives, at least for the most of us. But still, we falter here and there when it comes to good eating habits. It’s not uncommon for someone thinking that it’s okay to dig in an extra-cheesy burger once they are done with their exercise regime. And, the people who have a good metabolism and stay slim no matter how much they eat (those enviously lucky people!) are even worse when it comes to good eating habits. For most of us, food is a pleasure besides being a fuel to run the body. So, eating more than what is needed by the body is not so unusual. We wouldn’t be doing any of this, if only we knew the importance of healthy eating habits and how to go about them. So, let’s dive straight into this knowledge pond and take a step towards a healthier body and life. Healthy eating habits mean you include in your diet all the nutrients required by your body in a balanced way while cutting on the junk food. Every nutrient plays a part in helping your body run smoothly. Take fats and carbohydrates, for example, which provide energy; proteins which are central to a good immune system and rebuilding damaged tissues; or vitamins, many of which are excellent antioxidants for toxin-protection of your body. You can’t say you’re doing justice to your health unless you take these nutrients daily in the right amount. Healthy eating habits go a long way in helping the body perform well and stay away from diseases.

Talking about diseases, you have more chance of getting diagnosed with problems like bowel complications, diabetes, heart disease, and even depression if you don’t practice healthy eating habits. Being overweight is another consequence of neglecting good eating habits. Other than having health issues, you’re also likely to deal with self-esteem problems. And if obesity kicks in, it can attract diseases like moths to a flame.

There are many prominent profession who has there dedicated organizations. Chefs too thought of having their own national level organization. We founded IFCA after combining various state Chef’s Organization. Professional understand the importance of having their own professional organization. IFCA is recognized by Ministry of Tourism. Involved in organizing many national and International level Chef’s Conferences. Our logo was made deliberately to represent us. Blue chef hat shows strength, sun shown strength and tricolor.

IFCA hopes to promote culinary knowledge and propagate various kinds of food and bring obscure culinary styles and practices to the forefront. The main objective of IFCA is to live up to the general interest of the profession and to knit a closer link between the professionals, culinary institutes, allied foodservice industry professionals and to develop a high ethical standard of the culinary art. IFCA is a forum dedicated to connecting culinary professionals across the geography of India with people and places with the knowledge they need to succeed.

IFCA is the one and the only National member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), the apex body of culinary professionals’ world over with 10 million members, recognized by 110 Countries. IFCA has been awarded a DIPLOMA by the WACS for its outstanding efforts towards the improvement of Culinary Professionals in India. IFCA is also the proud recipient of WACS Global Communication Award for its maintenance and upkeep of flawless communication systems.