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Chef Gautam Mehrishi has become a household name with his previous endeavors on television, and now he introduces a new Indian cuisine series, to revolutionize culinary world of television with Food ka Mood, where he introduces viewers to inspirational, exciting Indian food. Chef Gautam Mehrishi is a proponent of Indian Food. His fondness for Indian food and his love for desi ghee were developed in his formative years. Hailing from a family of doctors who served in the Indian army, and shifted base every few years, his family background is reflected in his calm confidence and discipline. No matter how much they moved, the family maintained a tradition of eating their meals together.

Chef Gautam fondly remembers sitting around the dining table and sharing hot meals cooked by the Maharaj. His adventurous streak was evident even then! Inspired by the food he ate, he would experiment in the kitchen late at night once the whole family was asleep. Though he came from a vegetarian family, he even cooked and ate non-vegetarian food. From his family, he also inherited a love for travel. This adventurous chef goes on long excursions on his bike; in particular he enjoys exploring the Himalayas. It was his grandfather who supported his passion and urged him to cook professionally. Now he has over 18 years of experience in the industry and has worked with several big names in the business. @Gautam Mehrishi.

Chef Gautam Mehrishi