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Vinay Nalwa is an author and columnist. She has a Masters's degree in Social Work and a PhD in Sociology. She has worked extensively on gender-specific mental health issues also. She has written extensively on various socio-political issues on major media platforms. She has co-authored the book 'Ramjanmabhoomi: Truth, Evidence, Faith'. Her forthcoming book is on the inquisition and liberation of Goa. She is a senior fellow with Delhi based think tank Vichar Vinimay Kendra

Vinay Nalwa

Panel on - Media Trials - A rape of a rape case

On 29th Nov 3.00 p.m. - 3.40 p.m.

Naveen Choudhary: It's important to take message all the while from all the gatherings in question and constructs the assessment on an issue, with unquestionably compromises the foundation from disregarding rights with the development of the quantity of information diverts and in expanding prominence of" breaking news". Electronic Media has come to assume a significant part in blending popular assessment and awareness public promotion outside the court through a grounded system like campaigning, dealings and activation of general assessment has been viably embraced by the media. The latest thing of media on announcing cases generally known as "Preliminary by media" has seen the vibe of self-showed stories, insane truth bringing about the infringement of right of people, coming about media revealing changing into a media bazaar.

Anuj Tiwari: Trial by media is an expression well known over the most recent time to portray the effect of TV and print media taking up a case by making a wide spread view of any case for any decision in a courtroom and consequently the denouncement is held blameworthy even before his decision. This nonsense drama on TV to sell their story and lift their TRP, leaving sweeping injury to the standing of the blamed. The media includes itself so seriously and during such high exposure legal disputes the media sensationalizes the case and incites a climate of public insanity which not just makes free and reasonable thoughts hollow and untrustworthy.

Vinay Nalwa: Suspects and denounced separated, even casualty and witnesses experience the ill effects of inordinate exposure and attack of their protection rights. On the other feature, the preliminary by media meddles with the organization of justice lower the authority of courts lastly hampering the working of majority rules system on the grounds that a free legal executive can move that too without dread or favor. It is vital and its strength is the confidence of the general population as a rule in that foundation. Further the media intrudes into the examination in this manner, misleading the examination or upsetting the working of investigation offices.


What happened to Hindu Temples: Is Ramajnamabhoomi a trailblazer?

On 29th Nov 5.00 p.m. - 5.40 p.m.

DR. Vinay Nalwa: Indian temple architecture was marvelous that’s why Islamic Invaders made temples their primary target to destroy. For Hindus Temples are as sacred as GOD. Everything in temples happens according to Hindu scriptures and manuals. Temples are a medium to connect spirituality; it is the physical manifestation of the divine. Temples are the focus of everyday Hindu life be it social, educational or spiritual. Author Dharmpal wrote a book about temples mentioning how every temple had a school attached to it. In addition to this rich temples were supporting advanced studies. Festivals, spiritual debates & discussion, religious and social congregation were an important part of Temple’s affairs. Temple helps in the economy of a community or village. Temple is representation of highest values. Temples are an inevitable part of Hindu Society. To talk about Ram Mandir, there is many direct and indirect evidence to prove its existence. William Finch, in his book, mentions many monuments in India including Ram Mandir. Joseph Thaler wrote a book saying how Baber destroyed Ram Mandir to demean Hindus. King Vikramaditya came searching Ayodhya when it was deserted. He rejuvenated the forest and built the Ramgarh fort.

Arun Anand: Islamic and foreign invaders attacked cultural symbols i.e. temple to hurt Hindu sentiments and reign over this huge country. To break and demoralize the Hindu Community, those temples were broken down. We wrote in our book that this is a war of civilization and its ideology. One ideology says that "you must follow our step then you are good otherwise face the consequences. Religious conversion was a very big point to be noted here. Muslims did things bluntly whereas Christian missionaries did little sophistically. Our textbook never talks about the brutalities done by Islamic invaders. Why? This was biased on the academic side.