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Dr.Swati Lodha’s journey is an interesting and enriching mix, starting from tent classrooms in the schools to Harvard classrooms. She has trained more than 10,000 young minds through my organization SWASH PD Pvt Ltd in 17 years. She has also empowered youth to learn ABC – Attitude, Behaviour and Communication – to live a life full of happiness and gratitude.

Corporate Trainings and speaking assignments based on her books “Come on! Get, Set Go” and “Why Women are what they are”, have created communities of learners who really believe in enriching and updating themselves.

She Says,” Preparation of her new book on Parenting has helped her in reaching out to Parents across the world with her concept of “MOON PARENTING” which is for 21st century parents. Her Parenting workshops help all the parents like her to learn and unlearn, to empathize and empower each other.

The Lecture series on Leadership and Motivation conducted with her Actor – Poet husband Shailesh Lodha (AKA Tarak Mehta of famous SAB TV show) leave people with loads of laughter and lots of learning’s.

Swati Lodha

Why parents suck and how not to - Swati lodha in conversation with Vinay Nalwa


The inspiration of the book came from my daughter who once jokingly said that she can write a book on me. She gave me some ideas about what she would include and I got enough material to take from. Parents have too much expectation from children to be perfect though they are not and no parent can be perfect. The perfect parent is a myth. The age of parenting is equal to what the children’s age and there is no training to be a parent. There is also no such thing as successful parents. On the go, everyone has to change themselves according to time and it changes everything. Parents must update themselves regularly to keep sync with children. Children have a right to an opinion so if they speak back it doesn’t necessarily mean they are disrespecting. In personal parents may or do scold their offspring but the same way in general scenario they endorsed their children too. Children must understand that. Parents find their childhood perfect

(which is not actually) and try to convey the same to children to be spotless which is a bit exaggerative. The parent is synonymous with Patience and if you lack patience you can’t be a parent. A parent needs to be learning always expressing themselves as they want without hesitation as it would help to accommodate their children. Constructive Communication needed between parents and offspring to look through what children are doing. Maintenance of transparency and a friendly conversation needed to maintain peace among parents and children. The parent must listen to their children without judging them. Asking for stability in children’s life is an oasis in the desert. Parents must correct their fault line before changing their offspring lives.