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Sonali Misra is an author and PhD researcher in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling, UK. Her debut nonfiction book, 21 Fantastic Failures: and what their stories teach us, was released from Rupa Publications in September 2020.

Her writing has also appeared in British and Indian anthologies. She worked in the Indian publishing industry for four years and is the Co-chair of the Society of Young Publishers Scotland. Sonali is also the Co-founder of The Selkie Publications CIC (, an international literary magazine that promotes and publishes underrepresented voices.

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Sonali Misra

Fantastic Failures: what can they teach us?

On 29th Nov 4.00 p.m. - 4.40 p.m.

Disappointment is essential for human life and we need it to bring out best of yourself. Just think that what may Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein and numerous other effective individuals share for all intents and purpose? They are all examples of overcoming adversity, yet they additionally performed terrifically. This book "21 Fantastic Failures" brings to you the genuine accounts of symbols from the fields of business, science, innovation, legislative issues, sports, writing, craftsmanship, film, TV and music, featuring the focuses in their lives where every one of them flopped yet, undaunted, chose to get themselves and continue onward. The choices they made in those minutes changed over their misfortunes into wins and scratched their names ever. Covering anecdotal subtleties, random data and learnings from the manner in which each figure handles disappointment, the exercises inside the book can be applied to proficient as well as close to home circles. Each section is introduced in a basic, engaging approach to fill in as a pragmatic manual for twenty-first century perusers. The accounts are all around sequenced. I had done well research for the book. There are a couple of stories which we are unconscious of. Every section, showing us an alternate exercise. Exercise on consistency, battle, tolerance, Sacrifice, to not dread disappointment, to be benevolent and some more.

This book without a doubt inspires us to not surrender. It’s not a crime to stop for some time and afterward start. These understanding, we, as a whole should apply in our lives.