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Literature holds importance in our lives in numerous ways. The role of Literature in Academics is immense. Students should study literature that lets them know about the traditions and cultures associated with the period when literature was produced. Exposure to literature improves a student's comprehension and reading abilities. In addition to that, literature helps them identify literary devices, including concepts of rhythm and beats. There are many literature festivals in India that aim to strengthen the essence and meaning of literature in academics as well as the real world.

Role of Literature in Academics
Engaging More in Reading

Exposure to literature prompts students to engage in reading. In addition to that, it helps develop an understanding of new cultures. Also, there is scope for tackling advanced passages to enhance intellectual growth. Studying literature broadens horizons to understand people different from us. Literature encourages individuals to become sensitive to the whole spectrum of human experience. Academically, studying literature helps refine writing skills and expand vocabulary. Also, it shares a glimpse of hopes, dreams, illusions, and knowledge of the author. Film, painting, or a piece of music also becomes a part of socio-cultural ideas.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking serves as a skill necessary for understanding and learning things in depth. It becomes easier to find symbols, themes, and make connections. It helps the learner conclude the events.

Highlight on the Past

Literature and history stay interconnected, and in this regard, history makes literature. Moreover, literature preserves history. Studying literature means studying history at the same time. It lets learners know about the people, lifestyle, fashion, customs and tradition, and interests. Literature alters moods, draws attention, and excites the learners. Readers get the scope to analyze directions. Also, it allows them to interpret both the fictional social worlds and the social worlds. Also, the learners get to know about life possibilities. Moreover, the students get to know about the ethical engagement with the past, future, present or foreign social world.

Polishing Writing Skills and Wisdom

Reading and understanding the involvement of literature in academics is essential as literary stuff manifolds in improving writing skills. It can also help one to refine the skill and style. Also, the students get to know about the authors, playwrights, and poets to expand their writing. Students learn about good and evil. In addition to refreshing the minds of the learners, literature expands vision about the world.

The Bottom Line

Literature provides students with a fresh and creative angle in general. Even when students lack creativity and initiative in the local workforce, the study of Literature helps add a refreshing dimension to the learning objective. Literature plays an essential role in academics and shaping the future of students.

With the same concept and essence, SGR Knowledge Foundation in association with G H Raisoni University and Raisoni Group of Institutions brings to you the third edition of Orange City Literature Festival. It is an initiative to unfurl the glory and magnificence of literature not only in academics but also real life, society, and the overall community. With stimulating sessions and rightful dissemination of knowledge , OCLF is one of the most arousing lit fest in India.