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Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is a writer, a storyteller and an inspirational speaker with 34 books for children, to his name. He has won 34 awards in the competition for writers of children’s literature organised by Children’s Book Trust, over the years. This tally is one of the highest won by any writer.

Ramen’s writings have been translated into 29 languages. His stories have found a place in textbooks and anthologies in India as well as abroad. His tales have been showcased on several prestigious online platforms such as, Radio Mirchi, Google Podcasts & Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. Ramen has been invited to literary conferences & festivals held in Denmark, Greece, Sharjah as well Indian events including the prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival.

To know more about the writer you can visit his website & his page on Wikipedia. You can also view his work on Youtube and connect with him on Facebook.

Ramendra Kumar

Storytelling & Tips for Creative Writing 8 to 15 years

On 29th Nov - 11.00 a.m. - 11.40 am

Children love stories. So I'll tell you a story named "By a Whisker". There was a tiger named Arjun who had a huge good looking whisker but was a lazy tiger. He had a Wife named Agni who married him because of that whisker. He sees dreams every time he sleeps eating this and that. He never tried to catch it but his wife brought it for him.

One day he thought of eating deer. He told his wife to bring some. Agni counted his whisker and get to catch prey. Suddenly due to heavy breeze he lost some whisker by wasp which kept it on top of the trunk of elephant Bhīma. He looked here and there and saw one languor. He asked to bring him his whisker. Languor asked coconuts in return of that. So tiger shakes the tree. Coconuts fall on his head by which it lose memory. Arjun thought he is donkey and wanted to marry another donkey. When his wife Agni and languor shakes him again he resolve. Agni accept him without whisker. In happy mood he jumps and again lose his memory.