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Rachna Chhachhi is a certified cancer nutrition coach and is PhD, Holistic Nutrition. Her practice spans 27 countries. She is best known for her work with cancer and autoimmune patients. She has been writing on health for 20 years for mainstream newspapers and magazines and has been extensively interviewed in the media. She has authored 3 books.

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Rachana Chachhi

"Cancer never kills: The sweet taste of survival and how to experience it"

On 29th Nov 1.00 p.m.- 1.40 p.m.

A great many dollars are presently being spent on immunotherapy, where one's own resistant framework is animated by means of medications to execute malignant growth cells. While this is successful for patients who as of now have malignant growth, the rationale of immunotherapy returns to the way of thinking of all-encompassing recuperating: invigorate your insusceptible framework to battle infections, including disease.

Nourishing immunotherapy, which means devouring explicit amounts of supplements that expand insusceptibility, can make the safe framework so solid that the great cells won't let the awful (disease) cells develop quickly. We've just observed the impacts of nourishment and way of life changes to invert type 2 diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and numerous immune system conditions.

My center gets stories consistently where decided patients experiencing drug results come and simply need to dispose of the medical problem just as the prescription, and they do so effectively. But, millions pop pills consistently when the fix is so natural. The equivalent is with malignant growth.

Try not to stand by till you get it. Since, in such a case that Dr Glidden and the exploration he's cited are right, at that point with chemotherapy, you just have a 3 percent possibility of endurance. Isn't it simply better not to get it? Or on the other hand to have the option to battle it with your solid invulnerability on the off chance that you do? Consider the big picture.