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Parvinder S. Bali is Programme Manager, Culinary Services, at the Oberoi Center of Learning and Development (OCLD), New Delhi. He is a certified hospitality educator from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), a certified professional chef from the Culinary Institute of America,and also a certified chef de cuisine from the American Culinary Federation. Chef Bali if the recipient of the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards held in Spain from Quantity Food Production Operations and Indian Cuisine. International Cuisine and Food Production Management, his other title isthe winner of the First Prize for Excellence in Book Production 2012 awarded by The Federation of Indian Publishers.

Parvinder S. Bali

Chef Perminder Bali on Immunity Building Ingredients of India In Conversation with Chef Vimal Dhar

On 29th Nov 11.00 p.m. - 11.40 p.m.

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Nagpur and interact with many interesting people. COVID time, as I find this as a boon in disguise. I wrote a book about the importance of culinary Education and why it is important. Many of my friends asked me what I am writing? Zoom, WebEx all was there but we came to know when the crisis struck. About immunity building Food is the same. It is everywhere we just need to recognize. We are giving it attention because now we are in a health crisis. Problem with us is that we don't give enough attention unless the doctor tells us to do something. People were looking for wakeup calls and COVID gave them to us. The most common immunity builder vegetable is Moringa. It has become extremely popular. Starbucks started a coffee called "Bullet Coffee '' which contains Cream and coconut oil. UK citizens seem to have found ``The Golden Milk” which is nothing but "Haldi Milk '' in India. Immunity helps you to sustain but you also need to do exercise. Oregano is another important herb, which is very much Indian available in Uttarakhand. Its Ayurvedic name is Mirzanjosh. It helps to fight the Cold. Fennel plants and seeds also have medicinal properties. Tulsi which is very common in India as every house has it. Tulsi helps to get relief in coughing. Tulsi seeds are magical. Take some seeds in hand, crush and add it in your milk shakes or other consumables. Garlic is used by Italians a lot. Garlic pills too are available but I would suggest to use actual garlic. It helps you in building immunity. Broccoli, citrus fruit, turmeric and many other immunity building food is in our kitchen. Our own countries have many amazing dishes and we don't know about them. Do what makes you happy. Music, learning and being healthy at the same time. Both have to go hand in hand. Get away from Negativity. Cook with yo9ur heart and serve with love.