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He is a food blogger, a food stylist, food photographer and a self-taught home baker. Parth Bajaj, an emerging name in the food blogging scene, is one of the youngest and most successful bloggers of the country. Parth is an industrial engineer, working now as a full time blogger, baker, food photographer and consultant.

Parth Bajaj has also collaborated with multi national brands like Mc Donald’s, Iball, Daniel wellington, Borosil, Uber Eats, Zomato, and a lot of national and local brands.

Parth Bajaj

The Food Bloggers of Nagpur talks about Blogging as a Career!!

Blogging can be a good career, provided you can write informative, entertaining content with a unique voice. It takes a lot of commitment, though—if you have a blog site and write all the content, it takes time to build up a blog. If you are writing for other blogs, you may have to write for several simultaneously. To me, the key to a successful blogging career lies in your ability to write authoritatively about something. If you are an expert at managing WordPress websites, then write about that. If you have expertise in an area and can write authoritative, engaging content, then blogging is a good career for you. Before you take my advice or anyone else’s advice, you need to ask yourself what you think about blogging. Are you seriously considering blogging as a business? Indeed people who get success in blogging are due to passion, but at the same time, they treat this as a serious business.