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He is a prolific writer focused on Hindu Cultural Aspects. He wrote book named “ Vaidik Sanatan Hindutva.” A civil servant by profession, Manoj Singh is also the author of several books, including Chandrikotsav (Khandkavya); Bandhan, Kashamkash and Hostel kePannon Se (novels); VyaktitavkaPrabhav and ChintanahiChintan (collection of articles) and MeriPehchan (collection of short stories). Manoj Singh writes primarily in Hindi.

Manoj Singh

वैदिक सनातन हिंदुत्व एक जीवन पद्धति


Sanatan is the continue display of life, which does not support the subjugation of nature. It is not possible to capture nature by defeating it. But this kind of thinking is demonic thinking, while eternal thinking is divine. Here, there is a matter of taming the senses. Sanatan has a culture of not giving up. Sanatan is alive, not dead. Not constant, continuous. The root is not conscious. Sanatan Jeevan Darshan Darshan rises above the physical, physical, family, social and also satisfies on spiritual, spiritual and emotional levels. It is a culture of consumption, not consumption. It is a culture of sacrifice, not profit and greed. It is a culture of salvation, not of aspects of life. enjoyment. It does not bind, it frees. Sanatan is a natural protector, not an eater. Vedic Sanatan Hindutva is a patronizing nature culture. The meaning of saying 'I am Sanatani' is 'I am a priest of nature'. Sanatan Jeevan Darshan makes the demon human, establishes the human as the deity and the deity as the god. Sanatan does not just talk about himself, always talks about the world.