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OCLF Nagpur


Journalism, Cookbooks, Memoir, Children's Fiction

Kaumudi is a journalist turned chef. When she became weary of Indian food being referred to as ''curry" in the USA, her adopted home, she started company she called Un-Curry, to set the record straight about what Indian food really is. She teaches real Indian home cooking in California where she lives and caters food from all over India, that Indians actually eat. She also hosted the first ever Indian food pop-ups in the USA. She currently works at America's Test Kitchen in Boston, as senior editor on the cookbooks team and is often asked to help her colleagues when they are testing Indian recipes. She is the author of The Essential Marathi Cookbook (New Delhi: Penguin India 2009) and of a food memoir, Shared Tables: Family Stories from Poona to LA (Mumbai: Speaking Tiger, 2017). She enjoys writing children's fiction and is now working on a novel for adults.

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  • Insta: @unlikely.chef
  • Facebook: @Shared Tables: Family Stories and Recipes from Poona to LA
  • Facebook: @Un-Curry
Kaumudi Marathe