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Karan Agrawal embarked on his journey of being an author with '7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad'. The book went on to become #1 Best Seller on Amazon India on the day of listing itself. He has been writing on his personal and social blogs for more than a decade. Writing helps him in connecting with himself; he can meditate while writing.

He graduated from Nagpur, his hometown and was a University Topper for all three years. He then completed his MBA majoring in core Finance from IBS, Hyderabad. He has been working as a technology consultant for around 12 years. He has travelled across geographies for work and leisure. He has lived in Singapore for six years. The multi-cultural experiences at Singapore compelled him to write his first book telling stories to empower immigrating Indians. He currently lives in Hyderabad with his wife and six years old son.

Karan Agarwal

7 Untold secrets of living abroad

While being in fulltime job it was a great challenge for me to draw some time from busy scheduled to write. After 8 am to before 8 pm it wansn.t possible. So I was writing from 5 am to 8 am in morning and after 8 pm in night. In that period I tried to discover myself whether. No matter what I have to lift the energy and put on paper whatever comes out. I was determinant to write. While being in abroad, I found it as a mesmerizing experience. For me it was cultural shock, food shock as it was quite different than us. For everyone who goes abroad have to face it. So I thought of documenting it so than other who are going abroad would get literal experience about the foreign culture

I documented experiences collected of my own and after discussion with another 34 NRI. Managing them was a herculean task as they were leaving in a different time zones. I used to write in college. Then I started my own blog. For an Indian it is an experience to go abroad, off course, money is another reason. Everybody doesn’t get all facilities initially. Some have to struggle. I was in sharing basis in my early time in abroad. We have to compromise where we are. We are guest there. We must not do anything which may jeopardize reputation of our country. Our conduct must be good for community. If we do anything wrong our community and country may be blamed.