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Literature is an eternal piece of art and entertainment. It is a true reflection of the human society that has grown tremendously in innovative ways through technologies, lifestyle changes, and evolutions. But what stays stagnant is literature, words, wisdom, and knowledge.

Remember, the ‘Dadi-Nani ki Kahaniya’ think about ‘Chacha Choudhari’, and what about ‘Akbar-Birbal ki Kahaniyan’. All these are the most nostalgic forms of storytelling. What experiences these stories used to instill within? Values, belongingness, learnings, and respect for each other. The same goes even today just the concept and stories have transformed. From the old stories to the modern day storytelling sessions, Dadi-nani has been replaced by smartphones, tablets, eBooks, Kindles, and Wattpad. Moreover, personal interaction has been taken over by virtual communication. So much has changed and evolved but literature shines on. Isn’t it?

Literature Festivals India

What actually is literature? It is nothing but just a form of expressing our thoughts and beliefs. Whether you consider writing poetry, whether a form of blog, storytelling, fiction, non-fiction, experiments, and even varied forms of art, everything is literature. Now, let’s get into understanding the importance of literature:

  • The base of every learning is literature. The initial years of school have a group of letters and words that later gives birth to a literature masterpiece. This formation fuels imaginations, instills values, expands vocabulary, and also helps keep the brain active and energetic. There we find new ways to learn about life and deal with life.
  • When we read another person’s piece of art, whether a poetry, blog, story, or art piece, we often get to immerse ourselves into the personal experiences of the author or artist. Similarly, when we get an opportunity to attend literary festivals in India or abroad, we try to connect ourselves to the speakers while understanding different facets of life along with different religions, races, and societies. We are able to empathize and have a closer look at different perspectives.
  • Secondly, when literature comes to mind, we often go back to historical times that play a fundamental role in learning about the past with all its cultural beliefs, traditional values, and the relationships that survived beautifully in history. Historical facts and figures are a way to understand where human society started its pace and today where it has reached and what it has achieved.
  • It can work out as a stress-reliever. There are moments when there is nothing but only stress and anxiety spoiling the moment and day. At the very moment, just one new perspective, one new lesson, or just one connection with anyone who is positive and proactive, there is a transformation.

With so many benefits, it is evident that literature is important but to connect in the modern day is a challenge. But need not worry, there are many lit fests happening across and beyond the boundaries to keep the flame alive. OCLF Nagpur is one such literature festival in Central India that brings abundance of speakers with different interests on the same platform. The only objective is to keep the essence of literature alive.