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Dr. Harshali Singh is a New Delhi based Member Judge of the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, an Author, a Poet, an academician, a teacher trainer, an Occupational Therapist, an avid reader and a passionate Painter.

She has written in several literary genres ranging from poetry to fiction, columns to essays and is also the contributing author in several anthologies.

Her Novels ‘A Window to her Dreams’, ‘The Anatomy of Choice’ and the new ‘A Paradox of Dreams’ form part of nine books series comprising the ‘Haveli Series’. She is currently working on her 4rth book.

She has won the prestigious ‘Write India- Season 2’, a short story Contest organized by ‘The Times of India’ Group and also the ‘Global Progressive Woman Award’ at the International Leadership Summit organized by Aesthetics International.

She has also chaired discussions with eminent personalities in their chosen fields of World Peace, Meditation, Infertility and Social Causes and stalwarts in the field of Writing.

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Harshali Singh

The Mysterious Shadow of Mental Health - Dr. Samir Parikh Sujata Sabnis Dr. Harshali Singh In Conversation with Gita Rao

On 20th Nov 01.00 PM TO 01:40 PM


The Nayika and Kama: She Takes Her Pleasure - Dr. Alka Pande In Conversation With Dr. Harshali Singh

On 19th Nov 04.00 PM TO 04:40 PM

Dr Alka Pande started the session by asking the audience what Nayika means to them; some audience said actor, fighter, mother, granny, house help, sister and so on, Dr Harshali asked some questions to Dr Alka Pande to get inside kama and its vital role in ancient and in present times. According to Dr Alka Pande in recent times there is a remarkable change in society, where the young generation is exposed to the media at large through which they gain knowledge, without understanding whether it is useful for them at this young age. So this young generation doesn’t have any curiosity factors related to the above-mentioned topic as they already have the information about the topic. As it is readily available at a click away. Today’s children’s upbringing is differently done as mostly both of the parents are working and in Society, we talk about gender equality but it is a myth, in four Walls the same traditional strict rules are posed on women. Often it made them doubt pursuing their dream. We often see in society women are jealous of their friends and try to pull them down. Women are not happy with their woman friend's success. There was discussion on the book “The Naiyka and the Kama: she takes her pleasure” is a collection of aesthetics and pre-modern sexuality that presents a selection of images that show the images of Nayika, the ideal romantic heroine of classical Indian literature. The session concluded with the message that if you wish to be real Nayika be wise enough to avoid the temptation of proving yourself over others. Instead, arm yourself with self-control and avoid all temptations which often come in the form of indifference, insult, and ungratefulness, it’s up to you how you react or respond in this situation. As a woman always aims for something big so you need to be bold as ordinary women don’t make history. Women should be considered towards others but they should have their own vision and not allow others to walk over them.


Engendering The Corporate World : Women Rewriting their own stories - Rashima Verma Dr. Harshali Singh Rupangi Sharma In Coversation with Piorre Hart

On 19th Nov 05.00 PM TO 05:40 PM

So the discussion began with the fact that in the pre-21st century era, women were expected to only be in the kitchen and take care of all the household responsibilities. This was the scenario in almost every corner of the globe. But now that after two decades of the 21st Century, has the perspective changed? The speakers added to the discussion by sharing their thoughts & experiences that a woman starts experiencing gender inequality more often as and when they move up the corporate ladder, especially when it comes to getting a seat on the board. Rashima Verma added that women constitute only 5% of the members in the boardrooms. Rupangi Sharma added that taps need to be taken to bridge the gender gap in the workforce at all levels in an organisation. Companies need to proactively hire and promote women into senior management positions whenever they are deserving. The overall discussion was beautifully moderated by Piorre Hart & the audience comprised of men folks added with discussion on concerns like paternity leaves.