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Elahe Hiptoola is an Indian actress, producer and executive producer born in Mumbai, India. She contributed as an executive producer for several Hindi films like 3 Deewarein, Hyderabad Blues 2, and Iqbal. She has also done supporting roles in movies like Iqbal, Aashayein, and Morning Raga. She is also the founder of cultural center Lamakaan in Hyderabad.

Elahe Hiptoola

“Women Behind the Camera and challenges faced”

I never feel that I am a “woman” filmmaker; may be I never recognized or gave any importance to the fact that I was a woman and a filmmaker. I think I am very blessed and lucky but I never take myself too seriously. Even when I was called for the “Femina Power List – South” awards, I first thought it was a joke. I was like what I am doing in the midst of people like Sudha Murthy, Arundhathi Nag and others; these are achievers, what I am doing here!! My mother wanted to come with me to the awards function but I did not get her as I thought it was some kind of joke somebody was playing on me. I did not set out to get awards or anything and feels that God has been kind to her. I though am happy to get them, I think they are incidental to what I am doing and I did not set out to get this. I am just too happy in my space.

There is no advice to be given to women wanting to get into films; if they want to get into it, they will and nobody can stop them. These are the only kinds who can get into films, if that is you’re calling that are the bug in your system, your passion, you will be there. People who are passionate about something don’t listen to anyone. It is not your job, it is your life. There’s nothing else. If people are coming in with advice they won’t last, they will only last with passion. Only advice is “If you want to do it, just do it.