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Bittu Sahgal Is An Environmental Activist, Writer,And The Founder Of Sanctuary Nature Foundation, An Indian Nonprofit Conservation Organization That Works On Environmental Policy, Advocacy, Science, On-Ground Support And Habitat Management. He Is Also The Founding Editor Of Sanctuary Asia, A Wildlife And Ecology Magazine.

Bittu Sahgal

Wildlife Conservationist a Dying Breed-

Human is nothing but an animal. When child popped out mother’s womb it is animal. Only Genes have been slightly manipulated, but it is animal. Every cultural aspect in the world is inspired by nature. Not to go far long, in our Vedas, Nature is worshiped as it feeds and nurtures us. It might be due to fear or love but it did. Ancient people left Natural imprints through paintings and poetries. That’s the origin of literature. Everything is inspired by nature. If nature is destroyed, there will be no literature. Politian urges us to protect nature that’s why we are doing it. But children must start thinking independently and act accordingly. We don’t have to be collaborator. We must raise an alarm when Nature is in danger. Good Literature always comes out at the best time or the worst time and when not when same things happening every day. Social media is a beast and people try to control it. If anybody tries to curb social media, they are going to fail. We must live life in such a way that people shouldn’t believe in lie spread about us. Nature is self-repairing as our cuts get heal by time. We must give time to Nature to rejuvenate to take its actual shape. We must do what we enjoy.