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Arun Anand Is A Journalist Based In New Delhi. He Has Worked At Editorial Positions In Leading Dailies And Broadcast Including, The Statesman, DainikJagran, Midday, Ians And Tv Today. Arun Has Been Tracking The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (Rss) And Is The Author Of The Book Know About Rss. He Has Also Translated Four Books From English To Hindi, Including Barack Obama's Audacity Of Hope.

Arun Anand

The idea of India after Ayodhya verdict: Has it changed?

Mandir at Ram Janm Bhoomi is not just any other temple. Its “RAM JANM BHOOMI” is Lord “RAM”’s birth place. The ones who are born in India, the name Ram is no alien. There are many arguments of building a hospital, dividing the land between Hindu and Muslims, constructing a mosque and so on and so forth. I fail to understand, do we still have to debate about it? When the Supreme Court has accepted the fact that the disputed land is the birth place of Lord Ram, so why a temple can’t be built? 1.3 billion People, irrespective of the religion, caste, gender, skin color have to respect the Supreme Court and the Constitution of India. The below picture may surprise you all, i am sure most of you reading this answer wouldn’t have a clue about it.

Lord Ram is the essence of Sanatan Dharma, the belief of 80% in this country and yes you have to respect the majority. It’s not 1992, the world is quoting Hindus as intolerant, and yes we have become intolerant. Ayodhya is the sign, symbol and soul of Vedic culture/Hinduism of India. If there is no Lord Ram, No India can be expected anywhere. India was never and cannot be as Secular country which secular leaders add this words to Constitution. Our constitution was also made against the Indian ethos.Such Secularism was enforced to Indian people without their acceptance. Be safe, join hands in building the temple. The world has never seen 80 crore people rise for 1 cause and yes because we are intolerant we would be vocal, people won’t just talk.


Arun Anand, Vinay Nalwa, Prabhat Kumar - What happened to Hindu Temples: Is Ramajnamabhoomi a trailblazer?

On 29th Nov 5.00 p.m. - 5.40 p.m.