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Aparna Karthikeyan is a dog mother, tree hugger and story teller. She has written for newspapers and websites about culture and livelihoods; books for big people (Nine Rupees an Hour, about the disappearing livelihoods of Tamil Nadu), and for children Kali Wants to Dance and Cat’s Egg. She shares her home with her husband, daughter, plenty of books, and two very important creatures—her dogs Puchu and Shingmo.

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Session For Students 8 to 14 years of age

On 28th Nov 12.00 p.m. - 12.40 p.m.

Woof is a book written by Aparna Karthikeyan and is inspired not just by her own pet dogs but many stray dogs that she came across because of them. Her dogs are female and named Shingmo and Puchu. Right from her childhood she was fond of pets and had an assortment of animals and also earthworms as pet. She got her first pet dog at the age of 21 and then the second one at the age of 40. Both her dogs were adopted off the streets by her and due to them she started being surrounded by stray dogs. She says that earlier she was wary of stray dogs, but soon learned that they are not scary at all. They only reciprocate to the treatment that they get from humans. Woof is her story about her dogs and especially meant for kids. However, if you are a passionate animal lover then you will enjoy this book even if you are an adult.