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With over a decade of experience in the culinary field, from hosting and anchoring

Award winning cookery shows on NDTV, EPIC and TLC HD, to running my own food Startups, writing cookbooks to setting up food and beverage projects...I have enjoyed every element of this journey... In everything... I try and infuse passion & enthusiasm into my work.

At present, I have just launched my Kolkata based food startup called Delhi Kebab House. Where we have brought the flavors of Mughlai & Punjabi cooking of North India to the Cities food lovers.

"Fresh produce inspired cooking with passion"

Aaditya Bal

Lost recipes of India

On 29th Nov 6.00 p.m. - 6.40 p.m.

With regards to a human advancement as old and socially different as India, we have really done very well, staying in contact with our underlying foundations and customs while embracing present day social components and patterns from across the globe. Simultaneously, huge numbers of us are not generally knowledgeable with parts of our way of life. Food and preparing in old India is something that interfaces with individuals actually, across foundations. I talk about the lives of our progenitors, their propensities, advancements and convictions. It's an incredible method to go into a former.

The cycle includes first recognizing networks and societies that we need to cover. At that point we interface with an individual or individuals having a place with these networks. At that point we examine our idea and objective with them, and afterward proceed to settle potential plans that we can get them to grandstand on the show. Really at that time, we fixed shoot dates.

A portion of the plans we covered around two or three centuries back without a doubt. The recipes should have been old enough to recognize. We additionally covered some antiquated plans in Hampi just as the mountains of Uttaranchal.