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Born In Gujarat In 1935, Aabid Surti Is The Author Of Over Eighty Books Spanning Across Categories Like Fiction, Poetry, Theatre, Reportage And Comics. He Was Given A National Award By The Government Of India In 1993 For One Of His Books.He Is The Co-Creator Of Bahadur, India's First Comic Book Superhero. His Environmental Activism Has Led Him To Be Called A 'One-Man Ngo', Especially When It Comes To Water Conservation.

Aabid Surti

Lets Talk About Water


We were all taught that water is H2O, is it just that? Nothing else?

Teachers may not have answer. A Japanese thinker, photographer, Dr. Masaru Emoto had. I learnt from his book, “Hidden Messages in Water,” that water can feel, exactly the way you and I feel. Not only that, water can record spoken as well as written words also.

A drop of water became more precious than gold for me, because of my childhood years that were spent on the pavement. To get a bucket full of water from the common tap, my mother had to stand in the queue early in the morning and often she had to fight for her right. This childhood memory kept on haunting me whenever I saw a dripping tap.

Once while visiting my friend’s home I saw water tap was leaking, I told him to get it repaired but he didn’t. He said why I cared for few drop? I had no answer. How could I explain it to them? In a way, their problem too was genuine. It was a ghetto and plumber would have been expensive.

By working to save water, the pure love you get from door to door is indescribable. People are waiting to see an angel and to them, you are one, if you decide to take up this cause in your neighborhood. The foundation provides poster, sticker, pamphlet, Tee-shirt designs online. You just have to make minor changes in the pamphlet text. Where my cell No is, put yours, where my address is, put yours. And delete my name also to be replaced by your name. It’s your baby, not franchise from the foundation. The cause matters, not the name.

As you know, I’m giving only my Sunday mornings for this initiative. It’s so simple, so easy for anyone to do it. And that is what I want to convey to all, especially to senior citizens: Please come out of the self-imposed retirement cocoon; spend a couple of hours inspiring people to do good for the society and that will rejuvenate you also. The living example is in front of you. Just do it. If I can, you can.